Prescott Trail Maps

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Bill Williams
Bill Williams trail maps

Peaks and aspens
Flagstaff and the Peaks trail maps

Verde Hot Springs
Verde trail maps


TO PRINT TRAIL MAPS: Turn headers, footers and margins off, or they'll cut off part of each page.
Glue or tape map pages to make a custom hiking map.

Updated 22 NOV 2021 -- Derek Brownlee -- send errors, omissions, changes and new trail info to

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From: "Jim Hays"
To: "Curtis N James" "Derek Brownlee"
January 3, 2022 4:16 PM
Hi Derek & Curtis:
I recently took a look at the maps on Derek’s website and saw that some of them have been updated since we last put together a composite map. I found 25 maps that have been updated since our last iteration. I downloaded the new maps and put together an updated composite image (all 199 maps plus some blanks to fill in the empty areas). The new image is at; it is 58.4 MB in size.

I finally have a way to convert the image file to a GEOspatial PDF that can be loaded into Avenza. The pdf is at and is 76 MB in size; once Avenza gets through processing the file it is 457 MB; Avenza doesn’t seem to have any problem with a file that size. To load it into Avenza see; select "Tap to enter URL of a map" and enter the link above. Happy New Year! Jim

12 NOV 2017 trail maps are now available at for download under “Prescott” with the subheading “Prescott Hiking Trails by Derek Brownlee”. I think it looks great. It’s almost 120 MB, but that’s workable.